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Guild Wars 2 gold guide

The guide will equip you with all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge required to successfully compete and dominate the competitive trading post battlefield.

Black Lions Profit - 10202 views
Flipping for Beginners

Flipping in Guild Wars 2 is one of the easiest methods available for making gold on the Trading Post. In this guide we will share all the knowledge required for a new player to successfully purchase, list and sell and item for a profit

Black Lions Profit - 8773 views
Levellin Crafting, the profitable way.

A series of small journal entries giving tips & tricks to ensure your crafting discipline doesn't eat your money.

Golden Griffon Trading - 4298 views
Ascended Gear and Infusion Recipes

A comprehensive guide to all the new GW2 ascended gear (backpieces, amulets, rings), and infusions. Updated for the Flame and Frost prelude January update. - 2877 views
Introduction to Flipping

In this guide I will answer several questions about flipping and share with you the basic knowledge required to successfully get started in the competitive trading post scene in Guild Wars 2.

Black Lions profit - 2519 views
Twilight Arbor explorable dungeon farming guide

Guild Wars 2 Twilight Arbor explorable mode dungeon guide. This guide will cover all the paths with the best path selection for Deadly Bloom farming. - 3734 views

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Bank Space and Bag Space

A look at the different options available to a player for obtaining additional bank space and bag space along with a cost comparison.

The Egg Baron - 2478 views
Living Story: Gathering Storm part 2

The 2nd article of the 2 part series covers topics such as the new living story quests, where to find the Refugees' missing items, the locations of invaders and their portals and more.

The Egg Baron - 1113 views
Complete Guide: Guild Missions

Guild Missions are designed to provide content that compliments existing PvE gameplay. This guide gives explains what they are and how they work.

GuildWars2Hub - 810 views

c8aVto <a href="">uhzbtbejvrkm</a>, [url=]ogrjclqjwmkx[/url], [link=]npjvqmjzmteh[/link], - 113 views

fMK2Rp <a href="">eajjotxlzivd</a>, [url=]uxpjihccbpky[/url], [link=]kbghweipqqfs[/link], - 88 views
Converting Skillpoints to Gold Spreadsheet

I have made a spreadsheet that tracks the costs, revenues, profits, and risks of promoting crafting materials. It automatically pulls data from This guide explains the spreadsheet in detail.

The Egg Baron. - 5554 views
7 Brilliant Trading Post tools and resources!

There is a wealth of tools and resources available for making gold in Guild Wars 2.

Black Lions Profit - 4337 views
Salvaging for Profit in Guild Wars 2

Salvaging can be very profitable in guild Wars 2, in this guide we offer some great techniques you can use to makes gold in Guild Wars 2 through salvaging.

Black Lions Profit - 3859 views
Learning to flip items on the trading post

A beginners guide to buyinh low and selling high to make extra gold on the trading post.

Golden Griffon Trading - 2785 views
Skill Points to Gold Spreadsheet Update

I am pleased to release the newest version of my Skill Points to Gold spreadsheet. This new sheet works faster and offers a detailed and simplified view of the data.

Egg Baron - 2765 views
10 Niche Markets

Check out these 10 niche markets for Guild Wars 2! Colour coded for your convenience!

Black Lions Profit - 2492 views
Making your seed money

Making your first gold ready for investing on the Trading Post.

Golden Griffon Trading - 2103 views
Promoting Rare Materials

If you have been following my blog, then you know that I have been doing a series of articles on using your skill points to earn gold. I have already discussed promoting fine materials and today I would like to discuss transmuting rare materials.

The Egg Baron - 1835 views
Stalking Guild Wars 2 devs for gold

It’s a dark, rainy night in Seattle and Jon Peters is walking home from a hard days work at the ArenaNet offices. squeezing past a row of overflowing trash cans he hears footsteps approaching from behind..

Black Lions Profit - 1772 views
Promoting Fine Materials

An overview on promoting tier 5 fine crafting mats into their tier 6 counter parts. This can be a cost effective way to obtain tier 6 mats or to convert skill points into gold.

The Egg Baron - 1582 views
Advanced Guide to Flipping

The Advanced Flipping Guide is for players who are now comfortable with buying and selling items in their chosen niche and who are looking for help tracking their purchases and diversifying into new markets.

Black Lions Profit - 1568 views
Promoting Piles of Dust

A quick overview on promoting piles of dust from one tier to another.

The Egg Baron - 1560 views
Promoting Common Materials

In this guide I show you; how to promote common crafting materials, my experiences, and how you can convert skill points into gold.

The Egg Baron - 1463 views
Wintersday: Investing in the future

Now what to do with all that hard earned money? stick it in the bank and hope Arena Net add’s interest rates, buy some siege golems for your servers world vs world battles or perhaps buy that set of exotic, new armour you have been eyeing up?

Black Lions Profit - 1071 views
Black Lion 101

A basic introduction to the Trading Post.

Golden Griffon Trading - 979 views
An introduction to the Trading Post

An Introduction to the Guild Wars 2 trading Post, covering the core basic's, advanced techniques and useful tools for making gold in Guild Wars 2.

Black Lions Profit - 967 views

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Jack-of-all-trades Thief Build

The build focuses on a balance between survivability, damage, & team utility. If you are looking for a build that is useful in PvE content, WvW, and dungeons than this may be the build for you.

The Egg Baron - 1501 views

iOToBc <a href="">dvoplhkaklju</a>, [url=]umxyjqdlntnk[/url], [link=]ybzclplwotpx[/link], - Engineer - 41 views

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